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MBMC-Samos2019: Mathematical Biology on the Mediterranean Summer School and Workshop Conference, Samos island, Greece, September 1-14, 2019: content of the lectures and of a few talks to the workshop now available

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Jean Clairambault, Ph. D. (math), M. D.
Emeritus senior scientist (directeur de recherche émérite) at Inria
ORCID 0000-0002-8336-9641

Équipe-projet Inria
INRIA Paris Research Centre
2, rue Simone Iff
(43, rue du Charolais, 75012 Paris)
CS 42112
75589 Paris Cedex 12
Mamba team assistant: Anna Bednárik, A118
Tel.: (33) 1 80 49 40 43
E-mail: anna.bednarik[AT]inria.fr

My office is located with part of the Mamba team at
Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions
Sorbonne Université
4, place Jussieu, Lobby 16-26, 3rd floor
Boîte courrier 187
F75252 Paris Cedex 05
Tel.: (33) 1 44 27 51 15
Secr.: (33) 1 44 27 42 98
Fax: (33) 1 44 27 72 00
E-mail: jean.clairambault[AT]inria.fr

See also a detailed CV (in French), or else a recent short version (in English) (December 2018)

Research interests: mathematical models in biology and medicine
  1. The cell division cycle and its physiological and pharmacological control
  2. Evolution and cancer, in particular evolution of tumour cell populations towards anticancer drug resistance (see a recent presentation, Mathematical Biology on the Mediterranean Conference, Samos, septembre 2019 or a summary, ECMTB, Lisbon, July 2018)
  3. Optimisation of cancer therapeutics
  4. Former research interests (heart rate, cardiovascular system, autonomic nervous system, molecular pharmacokinetics-pharmacodynamics (PK-PD) of anticancer drugs): see a brief historical résumé (in French) and a dated synthesis: Habilitation thesis (19/12/2007, in French)
Short C.V.
  1. Born in Dakar (Senegal) in 1950 (photo with Khadie, 5 rue Salva, Dakar, 1952)
  2. Studies in mathematics at Paris VII University: Agrégation (1977) and PhD (doctorat de troisième cycle, 1978) in mathematics
  3. Medical studies at Paris VI University (CHU Broussais-Hôtel-Dieu) : MD (1989)
  4. Professeur agrégé de mathématiques in secondary schools (1981-1989) and at the university (Paris VIII, 1996-2001 and 2003-2004)
  5. Detached as researcher (CR1) at INRIA (SOSSO project-team, later become SISYPHE, 1989-1996 and 2001-2003, BANG project-team 2004-2013,
    now MAMBA, 2014-...), permanent INRIA researcher 2007, habilitation thesis 2007, senior scientist (DR) 2009, emeritus 2018, member of LJLL since 2010

  1. Articles and book chapters
  2. Conferences and workshops
  3. Research reports
  4. Popularisation
Scientific diffusion, national and European networks
  1. Teaching, oral communications
  2. Supervision of students and postdocs
  3. Organisation of symposia and workshops
  4. Scientific networks
  1. 3 children
  2. Family sites

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