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PhD thesis directions

  1. Cédric Josz (RTE advisors: Jean Maeght and Patrick Panciatici) : Application of Polynomial Optimization to Electricity Transmission Networks, defended on the 13th of July 2016 at the University Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris VI); examining committee composed of Patrick Combettes (chair), Stéphane Gaubert (reporter), JChG, Jean Bernard Lasserre, Patrick Panciatici, Mihai Putinar, Markus Schweighofer (reporter), Pascal Van Hentenryck.

    Publications from the thesis:

    • C. Josz, J. Maeght, P. Panciatici, J.Ch. Gilbert. Application of the moment-SOS approach to global optimization of the OPF problem. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 30;1 (2015) 463-470.
    • C. Josz, D. Henrion. Strong duality in Lasserre's hierarchy for polynomial optimization. Optimization Letters, 10:1 (2016) 3-10.
    • D.K. Molzahn, C. Josz, I.A. Hiskens, P. Panciatici (2015). Solution of optimal power flow problems using moment relaxations augmented with objective function penalization. 54th Annual Conference on Decision and Control, Osaka, Décembre 2015. [arXiv:1508.05037]
    • D.K. Molzahn, C. Josz, I.A. Hiskens, P. Panciatici (2015). A Laplacian-based approach for finding near globally optimal solutions to OPF problems. arXiv:1507.07212.
    • C. Josz, D.K. Molzahn (2015). Moment/sum-of-squares hierarchy for complex polynomial optimization. arXiv:1508.02068.

    In 2016-2017, Cédric has pursued with a post-doc at LAAS, with Jean Bernard Lasserre.

  2. Ibtihel Ben Gharbia (in co-direction with Jérôme Jaffré): Résolution de problèmes de complémentarité - Application à un écoulement diphasique dans un milieu poreux, defended on the 5th of December 2012 at the University Paris Dauphine; examining committee composed of Guy Chavent (chair), JChG, Mounir Haddou (reporter), Jérôme Jaffré, Olivier Pironneau (reporter).

    Publications from the thesis:

    In 2013-2014, Ibtihel was doing a post-doc at IFP Énergies Nouvelles (Paris) and was then hired by this institute (April 2014).

  3. Alice Chiche (EdF advisor: Kengy Barty): Théorie et Algorithmes pour la Résolution de Problèmes d'Optimisation de Grande Taille - Application à la Gestion de Production d'Électricité, defended on the 28th of June 2012 at the University Paris VI; examining committee composed of Kengy Barty, JChG, Claude Lemaréchal, Jérôme Malick (reporter), Michel Minoux (chair), Adam Ouorou, Jean-Philippe Vial (reporter).

    Industrial partner: Kengy Barty, OSIRIS department at EDF.

    Publications from the thesis:

    • A. Chiche, J.Ch. Gilbert. How the augmented Lagrangian algorithm can deal with an infeasible convex quadratic optimization problem. Journal of Convex Analysis, 22:4 (2015), to appear,
    • K. Barty, A. Chiche, J.Ch. Gilbert, M. Porcheron. On the non-dualized constraint multipliers in the progressive hedging algorithm for solving a stochastic optimization problem on a scenario tree. INRIA Research Report (2014, to appear),
    • A. Chiche, J.Ch. Gilbert. Nonconvergence of the progressive hedging algorithm viewed as a variable metric proximal method. INRIA Research Report (2014, to appear).

    Alice has worked next for Artelys (Paris), next at EDF (12-2017).

  4. Frédéric Delbos (in co-direction with Roland Glowinski, IFP advisor: Delphine Sinoquet): Problèmes d'Optimisation de Grande Taille avec Contraintes en Tomographie de Réflexion 3D, defended on the 17th of November 2004 at the University Paris VI.

    Industrial partner: Delphine Sinoquet, IFP Énergies Nouvelles.

    Publications from the thesis:

    Frédéric has worked next for Artelys (Paris) and IFP (Rueil-Malmaison).

  5. Elisabeth Karas (in co-direction with Clovis Gonzaga): Exemples de Chemins Centraux Non Réguliers et un Algorithme de Filtre pour l'Optimisation Non Linéaire, defended on the 28th of June 2002 at the University Paris I.

    Elisabeth has received the price of the best PhD thesis in 2003, granted by the Brasilian Society of Applied Mathematics.

    Publications from the thesis:

    Elisabeth has next been Professor in the Departement of Mathematics at the Federal University of Paraná, Brasil.

  6. Xavier Jonsson: Méthodes de Points Intérieurs et de Régions de Confiance en Optimisation non Linéaire - Application à la Conception Optimale de Verres Ophtalmiques Progressifs, defended on the 23th of January 2002 at the University Paris VI.

    Industrial partner: Gilles Le Saux, ESSILOR.

    Xavier has made a post-doc with Jorge Nocedal at Northwestern University (Evanston, USA).

    Publications from the post-doc:

    Xavier has worked next for Mentor Graphics (Grenoble).

  7. Laurent Chauvier (in co-direction with Frédéric Bonnans): Commande Optimale d'Engins Sous-Marins avec Contraintes, defended on the 24th of January 2000 at the University Paris I.

    Industrial partner: Gilbert Damy, IFREMER (Institut Français de Recherche pour l'Exploitation de la MER).

    Publications from the thesis:

    Laurent has worked next for IFP (Rueil-Malmaison), Artelys (Paris), and EDF Trading (London).

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