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Ph Students

Emmanuelle Crepeau

Marianne Chapouly

Hadis Amini

Mazyar Mirrahimi

Ram Somaraju

Zaki Leghtas

Pierre Rouchon


 Filippo Visco-Comandini

Michel Sorine








This research project has for goal to address a class of inverse problems rising from either the emerging application domain of  ``quantum engineering or from the classical applications where a natural quantization lead to quantumlike systems.


Publication list


Journal papers


             F. Visco-Comandini,  M. Mirrahimi and M. Sorine,  Some inverse scattering problems on star-shaped graphs, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications,  378(1): 343-358,  2011.

             C. Sayrin, I. Dotsenko, X. Zhou, B. Peaudecerf, T. Rybarczyk, S. Gleyzes, P. Rouchon, M. Mirrahimi, H. Amini, M. Brune, J.-M. Raimond and S. Haroche,  Real-time quantum feedback prepares and stabilizes photon number states. Nature, 477: 73-77, 2011.

             Z. Leghtas, A. Sarlette, P. Rouchon,  Adiabatic passage and ensemble control of quantum systems, 
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics. 44 (2011) 154017.

             L. Baudouin, E. Crpeau and J. Valein,  Global Carleman estimate on a network for the wave equation and application to an inverse problem, Mathematical Control and Related fields, 1 (3), 307-330, 2011.

             M. Chapouly and M. Mirrahimi,  Distributed source identification for wave equations: an observer-based approach, IEEE Trans. Automatic Control, 57 (8): 2067-2073, 2012.

             H. Amini, M. Mirrahimi and P. Rouchon,  Stabilization of a delayed quantum system: the Photon Box case-study, IEEE Trans. Automatic Control, 57 (8): 1918-1930, 2012.

             H. Amini, A. Somaraju, I. Dotsenko, C. Sayrin, M. Mirrahimi and P. Rouchon,  Feedback stabilization of discrete-time quantum systems subject to non-demolition measurements with imperfections and delays, Provisionnaly accepted in Automatica.

             Z. Leghtas, G. Turinici, H. Rabitz, P. Rouchon,  Hamiltonian identification through enhanced observability utilizing quantum control, IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, 57 (10) : 2679-2683, 2012.

             A. Sarlette, Z. Leghtas, M. Brune, J.M. Raimond, P. Rouchon,  Stabilization of nonclassical states of one and two-mode radiation fields by reservoir engineering, Phys. Rev. A 86, 012114 (2012).




Conference papers


             M. Chapouly and M. Mirrahimi,  Distributed,source identification for wave equations : an observer-based approach, 19th International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems,  2010, Budapest.

             A. Donovan,  M. Mirrahimi and P. Rouchon,  Back and forth knudging for quantum state reconstruction, Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Communication,  Control and Signal Processing, 2010, Cyprus.

             M. Mirrahimi, A. Sarlette and P. Rouchon,  Real-time feedbacks for single-atom  frequency standards: V and Lambda-structure systems, 49th IEEE Control and Decision Conference, 2010, Atlanta.

             Z. Leghtas, M. Mirrahimi and P. Rouchon,  Observer-based quantum state estimation by continuous weak measurement, American Control Conference 2011-San Francisco.

             H. Amini, M. Mirrahimi and P. Rouchon, On stability of continuous-time quantum filters, IEEE CDC/ECC 2011, Orlando.

             H. Amini, P. Rouchon and M. Mirrahimi, Design of strict control-Lyapunov functions for quantum systems with QND measurements, IEEE CDC/ECC 2011, Orlando.

             R. Somaraju, M. Mirrahimi and P. Rouchon, Approximate stabilization of an infinite dimensional quantum stochastic system, IEEE CDC/ECC 2011, Orlando.

             M. Mirrahimi, B. Huard and M. Devoret, Strong measurement and quantum feedback for persistent Rabi oscillations in circuit QED experiments, to appear in IEEE CDC 2012.

             A. Somaraju, I. Dotsenko, C. Sayrin, P. Rouchon, Design and Stability of Discrete-Time Quantum Filters with Measurement Imperfection, American Control Conference, pp: 5084-5089, 2012.