They didn’t know that it was impossible, so they did it

- Mark Twain


01/2020 Serving as Track co-chair for the real-time systems at RTCSA2020

12/2019 Statinf is transfering Kopernic technology

05/2019 Serving as Track co-chair for the real-time systems at DATE2020

05/2019 Our two large surveys on probabilistic timing analysis and schedulability analysis are now published

01/2019 Serving as Track chair at RTSS2019. The call for papers available

07/2018 Creation of Kopernic team - have a look at our research topics

12/2018 Keynote at the 11th CRTS2017 at RTSS. The slides are available

07/2017 Serving as PC co-chair of WFCS2018 with the call for papers available

01/04/2017    Do you want to know more about mixed-criticality and probabilities? You may watch our PROXIMA video (French)

26-31/03/2017    The second Dagstuhl on Mixed Criticality Systems is on the web

10/10/2016   Interview about women representation in science (French)

03/12/2015    RTSS2017 is in Paris

Since 09/2015, Visiting Professor at UGAL

16-20/03/2015 Dagstuhl seminar on MCS

01/03/2015      PC co-chair at RTNS2015

01/04/2015   The INRIA Committee on Gender Parity and Equal Opportunities is created

27/02/2015 Invited talk to the 9th edition of VECoS


12/05/2014 Habilitation  defense at UPMC

16/10/2013 Keynote at the 21st edition of RTNS

01/09/2013 Arrival in AOSTE

26/08/2013 Invited lecture at ETR 2013

Liliana Cucu-Grosjean