Title       MSN     GS     Co-authors     Reference
10 Plea for a semidefinite optimization solver in complex numbers - The full report C. Josz
9 M1CG1 - A solver of symmetric linear systems by conjugate gradient iterations, using a BFGS or an l-BFGS preconditioner - Version 1.2. October 2011
8 SQPpro - A solver of nonlinear optimization problems, using an SQP approach - Version 0.5 [pdf] INRIA Technical Report, RT-378 (December 2009)
7 QPAL - A solver of convex quadratic optimization problems, using an augmented Lagrangian approach - Version 0.6.1 [pdf] INRIA Technical Report, RT-377 (December 2009)
6 The module M1QN3 - Version 3.3 [pdf] 5 C. Lemaréchal October 2009
5 SQPlab - A Matlab software for solving nonlinear optimization problems and optimal control problems - Version 0.4.4 [pdf] 3 February 2009
4 LIBOPT - An environment for testing solvers on heterogeneous collections of problems - The manual, version 2.1 [pdf] X. Jonsson INRIA Technical Report, RT-331 revised (January 2009)
3 Organization of the Modulopt collection of optimization problems in the Libopt environment - Version 2.1 [pdf] 2 INRIA Technical Report, RT-329 revised (January 2009)
2 Superlinear convergence of a reduced BFGS method with piecewise line-search and update criterion [pdf] 12 INRIA Research Report, RR-2140 (December 1993)
1 La différentiation automatique de fonctions représentées par des programmes [ps.gz] 57 G. Le Vey, J. Masse INRIA Research Report, RR-1557 (November 1991)