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"Since asymmetries of information give rise to market power, and perfect competition is required if markets are to be efficient, it is perhaps not surprising that markets with information asymmetries and other information imperfections are far from efficient."
             JOSEPH STIGLITZ

The production of data, of either human or automatic origin, has grown tremendously in the past decades, in parallel with the capacity to transform them through analytics or learning. It resulted in the emergence of a digital sphere, to which people and things are connected, which ensures new forms of mediation to knowledge, services or goods.
The digital sphere offers new opportunities while profoundly disrupting the social, economic and political organisation. My research is devoted to the following topics:
  • reticulation, horizontalization, and complexification of society
  • data flows and new economic and political imbalances
  • territories, geopolitics and cyber conflicts
  • public administration and digital platforms
  • anthropocene, resources and digital mediation

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    Inventeurs: REIMERT Damien; FRENOT Stéphane; GRUMBACH Stéphane; MEYFFRET Simon.
    BOPI. Brevet INPI n° 3.037.702. 23 décembre 2016.