Welcome to my webpage!

I am currently a senior researcher at INRIA, head the Mokaplan team.

My research interests include applications of the calculus of variations and the geometric measure theory to signal and image processing. I am also interested in the applications of variational methods for computational mechanics.

I defended my PhD thesis in June 2011 at TELECOM ParisTech, under the supervision of Yann Gousseau and Jean-François Aujol.

I defended my habilitation thesis in June 2022 at Université Paris-Dauphine/PSL.

My PhD students and former PhD students are:

  • João-Miguel Machado (co-supervised with A. Chambolle).

  • Romain Petit (co-supervised with Y. De Castro, defended in December 2022).

  • Paul Catala (co-supervised with G. Peyré, defended in October 2020).

  • Quentin Denoyelle (co-supervised with G. Peyré, defended in July 2018).

(23/06/2022) I have defended my habilitation thesis! The manuscript can be found here.