Laura Grigori


  • PreAlps library, funded by H2020 NLAFET project.
  • Co-developper of SuperLU_DIST
    the parallel symbolic factorization algorithm and associated distribution routines.
  • Co-coordinator of MIDAPACK
    a Microwave Data Analysis Package (funded by ANR through MIDAS project)
  • Co-developper of S2HAT
    a Scalable Spherical HArmonic Transform package for heterogeneous architectures
  • Developper of CALU - communication avoiding LU
  • Code for computing the row merge tree, available on demand
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    INRIA Paris
    Laboratoire J. L. Lions
    Sorbonne University
    Contact: Laura Grigori (Laura(dot)Grigori(at)inria(dot)fr)

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