Currently I am a postdoc at the University Paris-Sud in the Math-Bio group ReaDiNet led by Prof. Dr. Danielle Hilhorst thanks to a grant from the Fondation Mathématique Jacques Hadamard.

Previously, I did my Ph.D at the Jacques-Louis Lions Laboratory (LJLL), University Pierre and Marie Curie (Univ. Paris 6) in Paris, partly associated with the research group MAMBA at INRIA. The Ph.D thesis was entitled by 'Mathematical model of the role and temporal dynamics of protein p53 after drug-induced DNA damage' and it was supervised by Dr. Jean Clairambault, MD, and Prof. Dr. Benoît Perthame.

I am interested in reaction-diffusion equations arising in biology and chemistry (chemical reactions, protein networks, ecological problems). Except for modelling and PDEs, I am also interested in numerical analysis and numerical algebra (especially polynomial algebra).

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