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Dr. Hab. Frédéric BLANQUI

INRIA permanent full-time researcher

Project Deducteam


Research interests: rewriting, type theory, lambda-calculus, termination, logic, functional programming, proof assistants, ...

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6 March 2014: The computability path ordering. With J.-P. Jouannaud and A. Rubio. Draft.

20 September 2013: New release of CoLoR with a formalization of the notion of computability closure for proving the termination of higher-order rewrite systems with beta-reduction in the simply typed λ-calculus (see Inductive-data-type Systems, by F. Blanqui, J.-P. Jouannaud and M. Okada, in TCS 272, p. 41-68, 2002). Example of application: formalization and termination proof of Gödel System T.

1st September 2013: I left the LIAMA and the ISCAS in China and joined the Deducteam in Paris.


14-17 July 2014: Joint 25th International Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications and 12th International Conference on Typed Lambda Calculi and Applications (RTA+TLCA), Vienna, Austria.


23 avenue d'Italie, CS 81321, 75214 Paris Cedex 13, FRANCE
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