François Clément

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I am a research scientist in the Serena group, a joint project-team between Inria (Paris) Center and Cermics from École des Ponts ParisTech.

My domains of interests are inverse problems and adjoint techniques. In particular, the refinement indicators algorithm which builds an adaptative parameterization of the distributed quantities to be identified. An interesting application is image segmentation.

Now, my main domain of interest is the use of functional programming for scientific computation, and more precisely to the OCaml language developed at Inria.
I am also interested in formal proof for scientific computing programs. I am a member of the MILC project (DIM-RFSI 2018) that deals with the formalization in Coq of the Lebesgue integral. These works are related to those of the ELFIC working group from Labex DigiCosme - Paris-Saclay, and follow the former ANR projects CerPAN and Fost.


Recent publications

My personal web site (in French, but including some pictures).


Author: François Clément
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