TOS compatible softwares

Name Version Languages Description Resource
WinDom November 2000 English GEM C-library
WinVdi Febuary 98 French WinDom extension to call VDI functions inside GEM windows.
WinEdit January 2001 French WinDom extension for text edition in GEM windows.
WinConf 2.00 beta French/English Configuration of WinDom applications. WinConf home page
winRSC pre-version, october 97 French GEM application Builder Archive,
Awele 1.01 French/English African Game Archive,
Excellent! 1.20 R2 French/English Text editor Archive,
Notes 2 2.21 French/English Notes on your desktop Archive,
SGscan 1.1a French/English Make a disk listing in ST-Guide format Archive
LDG 2.00 English Dynamical and shareable libraries system
Xclock 1.00 French/English A small clock in GEM window.
Group 1.20 French Thing group files for all desktops,
Magic Setup 1.50 French/English MagiC configuration and boot selector Magic SetUp home page,
WinSH 0.20 beta French A GEM script system
AVtools 1.00 English A collection of commands and scripts for mupfel to handle AV-protocol. Very usefull!

All these programs are hosted at

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