The Schwarz package is an OreModules package which is dedicated to the symbolic development of new domain decomposition algorithms based on Smith normal forms, Gröbner basis computation and constructive algebraic analysis.

For an illustration of the Schwarz package, see Completion problem and Reduction problem.

For more details, see Cluzeau, T., Dolean, V., Nataf, F., Quadrat, A. (2013). "Symbolic techniques for domain decomposition methods", in Domain Decomposition Methods in Science and Engineering XX, R. Bank et al. (Eds.), Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering (LNCSE), vol. 91, Springer, pp. 27-38, and the appendix of INRIA Research Report n. 7953 ( paper.pdf ).

The Schwarz package is developed by T. Cluzeau, V. Dolean, F. Nataf, and A. Quadrat.

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