The OreMorphisms (click here) package is dedicated to the study of homomorphisms of finitely generated left modules over an Ore algebra (available in the Ore_algebra package), and its applications to mathematical systems theory and mathematical physics.

In particular, OreMorphisms package can be used to:

For more details, see:

The OreMorphisms package is built upon the OreModules package. Thus, the OreModules package has to be installed to run the OreMorphisms package.

This package is developed by T. Cluzeau and A. Quadrat.

A Mathematica version of the OreMorphisms package will be soon available. It is developed by Maris Tõnso, T. Cluzeau and A. Quadrat within the PHC Parrot project CASCAC. The Mathematica version of the OreMorphisms package is based on the implementation of Gröbner bases over Ore algebras available in the Mathematica HolonomicFunctions package developed by Christoph Koutschan.

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