Introduction to OreModules

OreModules is a Maple implementation of algorithms which compute parametrizations, extension modules (ext), resolutions and other algebraic objects for linear systems of differential equations, time-delay systems, etc. The package OreModules, based on an original program by F. Chyzak and A. Quadrat, is maintained and further developed by A. Quadrat and D. Robertz.
The algebraic framework for OreModules are Ore algebras. In order to deal with modules over Ore algebras computationally, this package is based on the Maple library Mgfun (e.g. Ore algebras and non-commutative Gröbner bases are developed in Mgfun). Within this unified framework, OreModules handles These systems may be time-invariant or time-varying with polynomial or rational coefficients.
In the context of linear control systems, the main features of OreModules are the following: The latest version of OreModules is available for download.